Face Forgery Detection with Long-Range Noise Features and Multilevel Frequency-Aware Clues


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The widespread dissemination of high-fidelity fake faces created by face forgery techniques has caused serious trust concerns and ethical issues in modern society. Consequently, face forgery detection has emerged as a prominent topic of research to prevent technology abuse. Although, most existing face forgery detectors demonstrate success when evaluating high-quality faces under intra-dataset scenarios, they often overfit manipulation-specific artifacts and lack robustness to postprocessing operations. In this work, we design an innovative dual-branch collaboration framework that leverages the strengths of the transformer and CNN to thoroughly dig into the multimodal forgery artifacts from both a global and local perspective. Specifically, a novel adaptive noise trace enhancement module (ANTEM) is proposed to remove high-level face content while amplifying more generalized forgery artifacts in the noise domain. Then, the transformer-based branch can track long-range noise features. Meanwhile, considering that subtle forgery artifacts could be described in the frequency domain even in a compression scenario, a multilevel frequency-aware module (MFAM) is developed and further applied to the CNN-based branch to extract complementary frequency-aware clues. Besides, we incorporate a collaboration strategy involving cross-entropy loss and single center loss to enhance the learning of more generalized representations by optimizing the fusion features of the dual branch. Extensive experiments on various benchmark datasets substantiate the superior generalization and robustness of our framework when compared to the competing approaches.
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