Set-membership Estimation for Event-triggered 2-D Systems Based on Zonotopes

International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems(2024)

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This article discusses the interval estimation for 2-D systems in Roesser model with amplitude-bounded environmental disturbance and measurement noise. To save the limited capacity of communication network, an event-triggered communication strategy is adopted to reduce the amount of packets transmitted through the network. Considering the amplitude-bounded uncertainties, an observer design criterion with peak-to-peak norm bound is deduced to suppress the influence of uncertainties on estimation error. A zonotope-based interval estimation approach is derived such that the actual state of 2-D Roesser system is enclosed within the estimated intervals on the basis of the obtained observer. Finally, a numerical example is presented to verify the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.
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Key words
Event-triggered communication,interval estimation,peak-to-peak norm bound,two-dimensional system,zonotope
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