Multiclass Learning from Noisy Labels for Non-decomposable Performance Measures


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There has been much interest in recent years in learning good classifiers from data with noisy labels. Most work on learning from noisy labels has focused on standard loss-based performance measures. However, many machine learning problems require using non-decomposable performance measures which cannot be expressed as the expectation or sum of a loss on individual examples; these include for example the H-mean, Q-mean and G-mean in class imbalance settings, and the Micro F_1 in information retrieval. In this paper, we design algorithms to learn from noisy labels for two broad classes of multiclass non-decomposable performance measures, namely, monotonic convex and ratio-of-linear, which encompass all the above examples. Our work builds on the Frank-Wolfe and Bisection based methods of Narasimhan et al. (2015). In both cases, we develop noise-corrected versions of the algorithms under the widely studied family of class-conditional noise models. We provide regret (excess risk) bounds for our algorithms, establishing that even though they are trained on noisy data, they are Bayes consistent in the sense that their performance converges to the optimal performance w.r.t. the clean (non-noisy) distribution. Our experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of our algorithms in handling label noise.
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