Adaptive Second-order Sliding Mode Control of Electrical Throttles Based on Online Zero-crossing Checking

International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems(2024)

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In this paper, an adaptive second-order sliding mode control approach is proposed for the performance improvement of electronic throttles (ET). Based on the traditional twisting approach, a novel adaptation mechanism based on the online zero-crossing checking is contained in the modified approach to make the control magnitude of the controller at the minimum admissible level. The idea behind it is to calculate the number of zero-crossings of the sliding surface in real time. The guaranteed stability condition and convergence region of the system are also deduced. In order to further prove its high adaptation capability, the commonly used adaptation mechanism called the Lyapunov-based type is also introduced for comparative study. Simulations and experiments validate the proposed approach with the advantages of chattering elimination, high speed and accuracy in the control of ET systems.
Adaptive control,electrical throttles,second-order sliding mode,slidng mode control
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