Robotic Information Gathering via Deep Generative Inpainting.

Tamim Khatib,O. Patrick Kreidl,Ayan Dutta,Ladislau Bölöni, Swapnoneel Roy

2023 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC)(2023)

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In today's era of automation, mobile robots are being used for collecting meaningful information about an ambient phenomenon such as temperature or moisture distribution in an agricultural field. Most of the studies in the literature assume that the underlying information field is Gaussian, and therefore, Gaussian Process (GP)-based models are extremely popular. Furthermore, we have found that due to the inherent computational complexity of such naive GP-based techniques, most studies in the literature do not scale well beyond small-size environments, i.e., where the number of informative points $n < 1000$ . These render such a predictive model more or less useless in many practical applications. In this paper, we posit that a different technique, Generative Adversarial Network-based inpainting, for robotic information gathering can be useful. The state-of-art inpainting techniques 1) do not assume that the underlying data is Gaussian, and 2) easily scale to $n\gg 1000$ . Thus, they eliminate the two bottlenecks posed by the GP-based solutions. We have tested our hypothesis on a synthetic and a real-world crop dataset. Results show that while the inpainting technique easily scales to $1024\times 1024$ , GP-based predictions cannot. On the other hand, their solution qualities are shown to be comparable.
Information Gathering,Studies In The Literature,Gaussian Process,Solution Quality,Mobile Robot,Moisture Distribution,Farmland,Grid Cells,Generative Adversarial Networks,Kriging,Sensor Measurements,Posterior Mean,Collection Location,Variational Autoencoder,Precision Agriculture,Mean Square Error Values,White Pixels,Statistical Knowledge,Gaussian Process Model,Missing Data Values,8-bit Grayscale Images,Image Inpainting,PNG Format,Gaussian Random Vector,Space Robot,Robot Path,Inference Step,Covariance Matrix,Image Processing,Sensor Noise
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