Estimating Total Suspended Matter and Analyzing Influencing Factors in the Pearl River Estuary (China)

Journal of Marine Science and Engineering(2024)

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This study on total suspended matter (TSM) in the Pearl River Estuary established a regression analysis model using Landsat 8 reflectance and measured TSM data, crucial for environmental management and engineering projects. High coefficients of determination (>0.6) were reported for the selected models. TSM concentration was notably high in 2013, peaking at 180 mg/L during the flood season and 80 mg/L in the dry season. In contrast, 2020 saw lower concentrations. Similar spatial distribution patterns were observed during dry and flood seasons, with high nearshore and low offshore TSM concentrations. Statistical analyses revealed natural factors (precipitation and runoff) as major influencers of the TSM distribution, with human activities presenting localized, limited impacts, except under long-term and large-scale conditions. Over time, the influence of large-scale water-based construction, such as the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge, on TSM distribution became significant.
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Key words
Pearl River Estuary,Landsat 8,remote sensing retrieval,TSM,temporal and spatial distribution
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