Flux-Weakening Control in an IMC-PMaSynRM System Considering DC Voltage Disturbance

Yang Yang,Weizhang Song, Rui Wen,Yang Ge

2023 IEEE 2nd International Power Electronics and Application Symposium (PEAS)(2023)

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A voltage closed-loop feedback flux-weakening (FW) control method for permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor (PMaSynRM) fed by indirect matrix converter (IMC) is presented in order to increase motor speed range in this paper. The PI controller determines the compensation value by calculating the error of the voltage feedback signal and reference value in d-q axis, which causes the current to diverge from the original operating point into the flux-weakening area, so as to expand the range of speed regulating for motor. The absence of an electrolytic capacitor on the DC side causes the voltage to pulse when motor driven by IMC. Due to the restriction of voltage limit ellipse(VLE), once motor enters the flux-weakening area, the DC pulsation causes the carrying capacity of motor to degrade and the d-q axis to shake ferociously. To solve this issue, this paper presents the DC voltage averaging method to reduce the impact of the DC side on the load. The feasibility of the presented method is confirmed by simulation.
indirect matrix converter,permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor,flux-weakening control
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