Investigation on evaluation and prediction of surface roughness and terahertz reflectivity analysis of the SiCp/Al composites component by diamond turning

Precision Engineering(2024)

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SiCp/Al composites are suitable for satisfying the lightweight requirements of terahertz wave-reflecting components. In this paper, diamond-turned surfaces of 60 % high volume fraction SiCp/Al composites are characterized in terms of surface roughness and terahertz reflectivity. The finished surfaces of SiCp/Al composites are obtained using single-point diamond turning with different process parameters, and surface roughness measurements as well as SEM and EDS analyses are conducted on the surfaces. The theoretical relationship between surface roughness and terahertz reflectivity is analyzed, and terahertz reflectivity testing experiments are conducted and validated. The surface roughness evaluation system and prediction model for SiCp/Al composites with a volume fraction of 60 % are established, and the errors between the experimental results and the predicted results are verified within 10 % by random experiments. Finally, the turning process parameters are optimized using a genetic algorithm, and the optimized turning process parameters are obtained as the spindle speed of 750 r/min, the feeding speed of 1 mm/min and the turning depth of 6 μm.
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Key words
SiCp/Al composites,Diamond turning,Surface roughness,Terahertz reflectivity,Ultraprecision micro cutting
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