Data of compressible multi-material flow simulations utilizing an efficient bimaterial Riemann problem solver

Wentao Ma, Xuning Zhao, Shafquat Islam, Aditya Narkhede,Kevin Wang


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This paper presents fluid dynamics simulation data associated with two test cases in the related research article [1] . In this article, an efficient bimaterial Riemann problem solver is proposed to accelerate multi -material flow simulations that involve complex thermodynamic equations of state and strong discontinuities across material interfaces. The first test case is a one-dimensional benchmark problem, featuring large density jump (4 orders of magnitude) and drastically different thermodynamics relations across a material interface. The second test case simulates the nucleation of a pear-shaped vapor bubble induced by long-pulsed laser in water. This multiphysics simulation combines laser radiation, phase transition (vaporization), non-spherical bubble expansion, and the emission of acoustic and shock waves. Both test cases are performed using the M2C solver, which solves the three-dimensional Eulerian Navier-Stokes equations, utilizing the accelerated bimaterial Riemann solver. Source codes provided in this paper include the M2C solver and a standalone version of the accelerated Riemann problem solver. These source codes serve as references for researchers seeking to implement the acceleration algorithms introduced in the related research article. Simulation data provided include fluid pressure, velocity, density, laser radiance and bubble dynamics. The input files and the workflow to perform the simulations are also provided. These files, together with the source codes, allow researchers to replicate the simulation results presented in the research article, which can be a starting point for new research in laser -induced cavitation, bubble dynamics, and multiphase flow in general.
Multiphase flow,Multi -material flow,Riemann problem,Equation of state,Compressible flow
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