Novel FEM-Based Simulation-Inserted Optimization Algorithm Using Improved Complex Newtons Method for EM Design

Yan Zhong,Feng Feng, Xiaolong Li,Wei Liu,Qi-Jun Zhang


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Simulation-inserted optimization (SIO) technology, a novel electromagnetic (EM) optimization technology, uses real-equivalent calculation to solve complex finite element equations. However, the application of the existing SIO method with incremental matrix memory is severely limited to EM optimization problems of smaller dimensionalities. Thus, this letter proposes an improved complex Newton's simulation-inserted optimization (CNSIO) method for EM design. In the proposed CNSIO algorithm, new formulations based on complex domains are derived to reduce the dimension size of the finite element method (FEM) system matrix and the sensitivity matrices. The proposed CNSIO algorithm enables a faster optimization and requires less memory than that using the basic version of the SIO algorithm. The novel CNSIO algorithm is verified through two applications of EM-based microwave components.
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Key words
Optimization,Finite element analysis,Mathematical models,Sensitivity,Electromagnetics,Wireless sensor networks,Wireless communication,Complex Newton's simulation-inserted optimization (CNSIO),electromagnetic (EM) optimization,simulation-inserted optimization (SIO)
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