Mode-Recovered Bumpless Transfer Control for Aero-Engines with Switched Models

IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems(2024)

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According to the multi-mode characteristics, aeroengines are usually modeled as switched systems to better reflect the working dynamics, and switched controllers are designed to fulfill different requirements for each subsystem, which may encounter the control bumps at controller-switching instants. To solve this issue, a class of mode-recovered bumpless transfer control is proposed for aero-engines, which not only can eliminate the control bumps, but also guarantees the recoverability of control signal for each subsystem. First, the mode-recovered compensator is newly proposed, which reshapes the control signal into a continuous and bumpless form. By using the fixed-time analysis, the bumpless control signal is ensured to recover its original value with a uniformly bounded settling time, which is no more than each mode-running interval. Subsequently, under the hybrid dwell-time switching regulation, the closed-loop system is addressed to be input-to-state stable. Furthermore, the proposed method is implemented to both the state feedback control and the output feedback control with solvable conditions to optimize the controller gains. Finally, applications to the turbofan aeroengine and the variable cycle engine are provided, which further reveal the effectiveness.
Aero-engines,switched systems,mode-recovered bumpless transfer control
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