Correlation-guided Semantic Consistency Network for Visible-infrared Person Re-identification

Haojie Li, Mingxuan Li, Qijie Peng,Shijie Wang,Hong Yu,Zhihui Wang

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology(2023)

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Visible-infrared person re-identification (VI-ReID) has raised more attention in night-time surveillance applications due to the struggle to capture valid appearance information under poor illumination conditions via visible cameras. Existing works usually separate the modality-specific and modality-irrelevant information in visible and infrared features, or project features of two modalities into a unified embedding feature space directly, which aims to eliminate huge modality discrepancies. However, these methods neglect the intra-modality and inter-modality correlations. We argue that the correlations can implicitly guide the network to discover the modality-irrelevant information, thus more beneficial for eliminating huge modality discrepancies and preserving individual differences. To this end, we propose a novel framework, termed as correlation-guided semantic consistency network (CSC-Net), to explore and exploit the intra-modality and inter-modality correlations. Specifically, CSC-Net consists of a cross-modality semantic alignment (CSA) module, a cross-granularity discrepancy awareness (CDA) module, and a probability consistency constraint (PCC) module. CSA mines the inter-modality correlation by calculating the semantic similarity between modalities to explore modality-irrelevant features, and then transfers the learned features to the backbone network to face the input of only single modality images. To preserve the individual differences, CDA sufficiently utilizes the intra-modality correlation via exploring the multi-granularity discriminative information. Finally, PCC constrains the network at the probability level, cooperating with the CSA which constrains at the feature level, to further alleviate the modality discrepancy. Extensive experiments on two public VI-ReID datasets SYSU-MM01 and RegDB have verified the effectiveness of our approach.
Person re-identification,visible infrared,intra-modality and inter-modality correlation
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