A Wind-Aware Path Planning Method for UAV-Asisted Bridge Inspection


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In response to the gap in considering wind conditions in the bridge inspection using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) , this paper proposes a path planning method for UAVs that takes into account the influence of wind, based on the simulated annealing algorithm. The algorithm considers the wind factors, including the influence of different wind speeds and directions at the same time on the path planning of the UAV. Firstly, An environment model is constructed specifically for UAV bridge inspection, taking into account the various objective functions and constraint conditions of UAVs. A more sophisticated and precise mathematical model is then developed based on this environmental model to enable efficient and effective UAV path planning. Secondly, the bridge separation planning model is applied in a novel way, and a series of parameters are simulated, including the adjustment of the initial temperature value. The experimental results demonstrate that, compared with traditional local search algorithms, the proposed method achieves a cost reduction of 30.05\% and significantly improves effectiveness. Compared to path planning methods that do not consider wind factors, the proposed approach yields more realistic and practical results for UAV applications, as demonstrated by its improved effectiveness in simulations. These findings highlight the value of our method in facilitating more accurate and efficient UAV path planning in wind-prone environments.
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