A UAV-Aided Physical Layer Authentication Based on Channel Characteristics and Geographical Locations.

IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology(2024)

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In this article, we present a mobile unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) aided physical layer authentication (PLA) framework to differentiate between a legitimate transmitter and a malicious adversary based on the physical layer channel characteristics and geographical locations of different transmitters. For a single mobile UAV, we derive new explicit expressions for the probability density function (PDF) of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) difference, false alarm rate (FAR), and miss detection rate (MDR). Then, we optimize key system parameters including the detection threshold and UAV movement to minimize the MDR subject to a given FAR constraint. Next, we extend the theoretical analysis to consider the double mobile UAVs scenario and derive the PDF of averaged SNR difference, FAR and MDR in closed-form. Monte Carlo simulations verify the accuracy of our derived expressions. Moreover, simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of our SNR-based solution and highlight the advantages of double UAVs on minimizing the MDR over single UAV.
False alarm rate,miss detection rate,optimization,physical layer authentication,UAV communications
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