Optimization Strategy in Hydrogen Storage Performance of Ti─V─Cr─Mn Alloys via LiAlH4.

Small (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany)(2023)

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V-based solid solution materials hold a significant position in the realm of hydrogen storage materials because of its high hydrogen storage capacity. However, the current dehydrogenation temperature of V-based solid solution exceeds 350 °C, making it challenging to fulfill the appliance under moderate conditions. Here advancements in the hydrogen storage properties and related mechanisms of TiV1.1 Cr0.3 Mn0.6  + x LiAlH4 (x = 0, 5, 8, 10 wt.%) composites is presented. According to the first principle calculation analysis, the inclusion of Al and Li atoms will lower the binding energy of hydride, thus enhancing the hydrogen absorption reaction and significantly decreasing the activation difficulty. Furthermore, based on crystal orbital Hamilton population (COHP) analysis, the strength of the V─H and Ti─H bonds after doping LiAlH4 are reduced, leading to a decrease of the hydrogen release activation energy (Ea ) for the V-based solid solution material, thus the hydrogen release process is easier to carry out. Additionally, the structure of doped LiAlH4 exhibits an outstanding hydrogen release rate of 2.001 wt.% at 323 K and remarkable cycling stability.
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