Resilience Assessment Method for Energy Internet Considering Electricity-Gas-Heat Interdependence

Wei Wang,Xiao Luo, Tianyi Zhang,Zhenkun Li,Yang Fu

2023 5th International Conference on Power and Energy Technology (ICPET)(2023)

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With the increasing frequency of natural disasters and the Energy Internet’s rising sensitivity to weather changes, the necessity to maintain uninterrupted load supply in different fault and weather scenarios has attracted widespread attention. This paper proposes a resilience assessment method considering the interdependence between electricity, gas, and heat. Firstly, this paper proposes the concept of resilience assessment scenarios, which aims to analyze the resilience level of the Energy Internet under various extreme incidents and the corresponding abilities that need modification. Secondly, this paper constructs a resilience assessment metric system covering various fault and weather types from the perspective of regional resilience, complementary ability, and system resilience. Finally, a simulation analysis of an Energy Internet is conducted to analyze the differentiated impacts of various faults on the overall system, single energy supply area, and the complementary abilities between subsystems under different weather conditions. The analysis demonstrates that the proposed method can provide targeted guidance for resilience enhancement.
energy internet,resilience assessment scenario,electricity-gas-heat complement,integrated energy microgrid
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