Rethinking Causal Relationships Learning in Graph Neural Networks

AAAI 2024(2024)

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Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) demonstrate their significance by effectively modeling complex interrelationships within graph-structured data. To enhance the credibility and robustness of GNNs, it becomes exceptionally crucial to bolster their ability to capture causal relationships. However, despite recent advancements that have indeed strengthened GNNs from a causal learning perspective, conducting an in-depth analysis specifically targeting the causal modeling prowess of GNNs remains an unresolved issue. In order to comprehensively analyze various GNN models from a causal learning perspective, we constructed an artificially synthesized dataset with known and controllable causal relationships between data and labels. The rationality of the generated data is further ensured through theoretical foundations. Drawing insights from analyses conducted using our dataset, we introduce a lightweight and highly adaptable GNN module designed to strengthen GNNs' causal learning capabilities across a diverse range of tasks. Through a series of experiments conducted on both synthetic datasets and other real-world datasets, we empirically validate the effectiveness of the proposed module. The codes are available at
ML: Representation Learning,ML: Causal Learning,ML: Graph-based Machine Learning
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