An optimisation model to improve the evacuation strategies of transport network considering reconstruction activities

Transportation Research Procedia(2023)

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Disasters sometimes cause disruptions to a transport system, and some roads may be blocked fully or partially, limiting the number of available routes. Critical decisions during a disaster include properly evacuating passengers from critical zones to safe zones and developing plans to reconstruct damaged roads. The main goal of this study is to design a multi-objective optimisation model that will enable a transport network to operate more efficiently during a disaster. Since the number of passengers and the capacity of the nodes cannot be certain in these events, the proposed model used fuzzy set theory to satisfy the research goals. Reconstructing damaged roads based on the limited resources is assumed in the model. An exact algorithm is used to solve the proposed model and create an optimal solution. Finally, the Sioux Falls network is used to validate the proposed model.
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Key words
Transport network,Evacuation Planning,Resilience,Reconstruction of damaged roads,Exact Algorithm,Extreme event
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