A reconfigurable multifunctional polarization converter based on active metasurface


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In this paper, we report a reconfigurable multifunctional polarization converter (RMPC) based on positive-intrinsic-negative (PIN) diodes, enabling to achieve different functions in different bands and states. The simulations and experiments show that when the PIN diode is off, it acts as a broadband linear polarization (LP) converter at 9.12-15.93GHz. Simultaneously, when the PIN diode is on, the LP incident wave is converted into a left-handed circular polarization wave at 8.69-11.41GHz and a cross-polarization wave at 13.40-14.97GHz, whereas full reflection is obtained at 12.05-12.54GHz. The RMPC consists of two dielectric plates and three layers of metal copper plates. Finally, a sample was fabricated and measured, the simulated and experimental results were in good agreement. Compared with other works, the RMPC has more working states and wider operating frequency bands, which has an application potential in the field of radar stealth and satellite communication.
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reconfigurable multifunctional polarization converter,active metasurface
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