Future Applications for Data Storytelling Toolkits

Kate McDowell, Rhiannon Bettivia, Maria Bonn,Jennifer Campbell‐Meier, Junfen Cheng, Isabella Lena Corieri,Ly Dinh, Sam Ehlinger,Heidi Enwald, Khalid Hossain,Norman Meuschke,Melissa G. Ocepek,Misita Anwar,Sarika Sharma

Social Science Research Network(2023)

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When it comes to translating data as evidence into compelling and memorable arguments, many people need some guidance about how to approach crafting a story. There is great potential for toolkits that would provide such guidance, giving advocates and data analysts tools for communicating data in story form. Data Storytelling is an emerging area in the information sciences, and the term as used here means any form of communication of data that uses narrative strategies or story structures.
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storytelling,toolkits,data,future applications
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