The International Association for Statistical Education, IASE

Wiley StatsRef: Statistics Reference Online(2023)

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Abstract Since its formal formation in 1993, the International Association for Statistical Education, IASE, has become a very active international organization which aims to advance statistical education at all levels, from primary school through training of professionals as well as to the general public. IASE is one of seven Associations of the International Statistical Institute (ISI), in a professional organizational structure allowing membership of Associations or Associations within ISI, thus facilitating global collaboration to cover and progress the wide spectrum of statistical sciences and applications. IASE developed from the ISI's 1949 Committee on Statistical Education, with its growth reflecting the increasing importance of teaching statistics and the science of data across disciplines and all educational levels for purposes ranging from citizenship to preparation of statisticians and data scientists. IASE organizes international conferences, forums, roundtables, the International Statistical Literacy Project (ISLP), prizes, and competitions. It publishes a research journal, conference proceedings, newsletters, webinars, and a comprehensive website. It joins in activities and committees with ISI and its Associations and participates in other statistical educational undertakings.
statistical education,international association
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