Dynamic Value Stream Mapping—How Industry 4.0 Can Help Us to Learn to See Better

Laura Tomidei,Nathalie Sick,Matthias R. Guertler, Julian Schallow, David Lenze,Jochen Deuse

Lecture notes in mechanical engineering(2023)

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Companies have been adopting lean management for decades to increase productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability. A foundational and powerful tool in lean management is value stream mappingValue Stream Mapping (VSM). VSM is still widely used as a static pen and paper-based tool. However, as industrial processes have become more advanced and digitalized, static VSM methods struggle to handle the complexities related to flexible and changeable elements in productionProduction. Factors including increasing range of parts, processes, and dynamic elements challenge the economicEconomic application of static VSM approaches. In the meantime, wireless connectivity together with low-cost sensors in the context of Industry 4.0Industry 4.0 have enabled advanced industrial infrastructures, allowing for dynamic VSMDynamic Value Stream Mapping (DVSM) (DVSM) approaches. While the potential benefits are promising, research and application in this interdisciplinary field are just evolving. Addressing this gap, this study sets out to map the DVS research landscape. More specifically, we (1) identify the requirements to overcome the limitations of static VSM, (2) analyze and structure existing DVSM approaches, (3) map DVSMDynamic Value Stream Mapping (DVSM) approaches against requirements and (4) derive a research agenda for developing DVSM approaches. This study contributes by providing requirements for and a taxonomy of existing DVSMDynamic Value Stream Mapping (DVSM) approaches, guiding the developmentDevelopment of new DVSM approaches.
dynamic value stream mapping—how,value stream mapping—how,industry
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