The holographic deconfined QGP phase diagram and entropy with an anomalous flow in a magnetic field background

arXiv (Cornell University)(2021)

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It is well known that in the early stage of relativistic heavy ion non-central collision, there will be a large magnetic field $eB$, and the confinement-deconfinement phase transition also occurs in the early stage of collision. The strong magnetic field will produce novel anomalous transport phenomenon, which corresponds to the chiral magnetic effect and causes anomalous flow. This paper introduces the concept of anomalous flow, aiming at the phase transition characteristics of RHIC and LHC energy region: in the range of magnetic field and small chemical potential. The deconfinement phase transition in a strongly coupled chiral plasma in the presence of magnetic field and axial charge imbalance is studied by analyzing the characteristics of the effective string tension with different temperatures, chemical potentials, and magnetic fields in this paper. It is found that the anomalous flow would modify the characteristic of deconfinement phase transition. The characteristics of reporting inverse magnetic catalysis for the deconfinement transition with anomalous flow is in qualitative agreement with lattice QCD findings. A sharp peak of the heavy-quarkonium entropy around the deconfinement transition can be realized in our model, which is also consistent with the lattice QCD result.
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anomalous flow,entropy,phase,magnetic field
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