EDALearn: A Comprehensive RTL-to-Signoff EDA Benchmark for Democratized and Reproducible ML for EDA Research


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The application of Machine Learning (ML) in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) for Very Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) design has garnered significant research attention. Despite the requirement for extensive datasets to build effective ML models, most studies are limited to smaller, internally generated datasets due to the lack of comprehensive public resources. In response, we introduce EDALearn, the first holistic, open-source benchmark suite specifically for ML tasks in EDA. This benchmark suite presents an end-to-end flow from synthesis to physical implementation, enriching data collection across various stages. It fosters reproducibility and promotes research into ML transferability across different technology nodes. Accommodating a wide range of VLSI design instances and sizes, our benchmark aptly represents the complexity of contemporary VLSI designs. Additionally, we provide an in-depth data analysis, enabling users to fully comprehend the attributes and distribution of our data, which is essential for creating efficient ML models. Our contributions aim to encourage further advances in the ML-EDA domain.
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