A Flexible Miniature RFID Tag Based on Planar Microstrip Antenna for Strain Measurement on Metal Surface

2023 IEEE MTT-S International Wireless Symposium (IWS)(2023)

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In this paper, a flexible and miniaturized RFID strain sensor tag with chip is proposed for the detection of metal surface strain. The flexible miniature RFID tag is composed of a flexible substrate, tag microstrip antenna and RF chip. Its flexible substrate and small size makes it suitable for more application scenarios and reduces the cost of a single tag. The flexible RFID sensor tag is designed and the parameters are optimized firstly. Then, the strain detection performance of the tag is studied through numerical simulation. Finally, a quantitative detection approach of metal surface strain is proposed, which can realize the quantitative nondestructive and wireless detection for the metal component surface strain. The designed RFID strain sensor are expected to be applied in the surface strain monitoring for the bearing in the EEF bogie of the high-speed train as well as the interlaminar stress in hydrogen storage tank as well.
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