Performance Analysis of AlGaN/GaN FINFET for Different Temperatures, Gate Oxide dielectric’s and Work functions

2023 International Conference for Advancement in Technology (ICONAT)(2023)

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The work presented is a simulation study of the AlGaN/GaN Heterostructure vertical FINFET. The proposed structure has been investigated by adding an AlGaN layer at source channel junction. From, the findings of our study it is clear that the drain current rises after adding the polarization layer at the source channel interface because of the increase in the charge concentration(2DEG) at the interface. We have done a rigorous investigation for various gate oxide material dielectric’s, gate metal’s work function and at different temperatures. The various DC Figure of merits (FOM) such as SS, Ion/Ioff have shown improvement for the higher dielectric constant value, higher work function, and higher temperature. Apart, various analog/RF parameters such as gm, gd, Intrinsic gain (Av) have been analyzed and the linearity metrics like g m2 , g m3 , VIP2, VIP3, IIP3, IMD3 and 1-dB compression point are also analyzed and are proved for enhancing the device structure’s linearity.
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Key words
AlGaN/GaN,Figure of Merit (FOM),Linearity,RF parameters,Subthreshold Swing (SS).
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