Experimental demonstration of 160x100Gb/s real-time WDM bidi-transmission over 100-km G.652 fiber

Wenbo Yu,Hu Shi, Yangguang Liu,Wendong Shang, Yinqiu Jia,Zhenhua Feng

2021 Asia Communications and Photonics Conference (ACP)(2021)

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We demonstrated a C-band 100-km 16-Tbit/s real-time PDM-QPSK bidi-transmission with the same wavelengths for both directions utilizing 100Gb/s commercial CFP2-DCO coherent modules. Transmission performance of 160-channel duplex system is analyzed with more than 4.5-dB OSINR margin.
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Key words
real-time PDM-QPSK bidi-transmission,CFP2-DCO coherent modules,transmission performance,160-channel duplex system,C-band real-time WDM bidi-transmission
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