Characteristic Analysis and Optimal Design of Building Photovoltaic Array Based on Model Analysis

IECON 2023- 49th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society(2023)

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Aiming at the problem of the array design and low energy yield of the photovoltaic (PV) system, the PV system of an actual building is taken as a practical application case to optimize the energy yield of the system from two aspects of the parameters of the PV panel and PV array design. Firstly, an equivalent model of the single-phase PV panel was established. The influence of internal and external parameters on the output characteristics of the PV system is analyzed in detail based on simulations of the model. The system model is further optimized according to the simulation results to enhance the broad application of the system model. Then, based on the actual electricity demand of an existing building, the maximum power output point limit of multiphase PV panels is considered. The array laying of PV panels is optimized in combination with the limitation of the head space of the building to meet the PV power generation needs. The PV array model is further established based on the PV array analysis.
photovoltaic system,model optimization,photovoltaic array design,simulation analysis
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