Investigating Copyright Issues of Diffusion Models under Practical Scenarios.

Yang Zhang, Teoh Tze Tzun, Lim Wei Hern,Haonan Wang,Kenji Kawaguchi


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The issue of copyright in generative models, particularly diffusion models, has become a prominent concern in recent years. Previous studies have predominantly focused on copyright violation at the image level, where generative models replicate copyrighted images entirely. Furthermore, these earlier studies have examined copyright infringements mainly using prompts that are semantically similar to target topics. However, copyright infringement can be more nuanced than mere replication of whole images and can be triggered with prompts that are less directly related to copyright topics. In our work, we tackle the limitations of previous studies by delving into partial copyright infringement, which treats parts of images as copyrighted content, using prompts that are considerably different from copyrighted topics. We develop a data generation pipeline that facilitates the creation of datasets for copyright research in diffusion models. Using our pipeline, we create datasets containing copyright infringement samples for different diffusion models. We conduct evaluations on generated data under various criteria. Our results show the prevalence of generating copyright-infringing content across a range of diffusion models, including the latest Stable Diffusion XL.
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