To Improve the Energy Efficiency: Modeling and Control for Quadrotor with Tiltable Wing.

Fulin Song,Zhan Li, Hai Li,Yuan Li, Quman Xu,Bingkai Xiu

ICIRA (8)(2023)

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In this article, a new configuration of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) UAV is proposed aiming at improving the energy utilize efficiency. In this configuration, a tiltable wing is installed at the center of the H-configuration quadrotor, and the orientation of the wing surface and the attitude of the quadrotor body are adjusted according to the orientation and magnitude of the target velocity. A state feedback + model feedforward flight controller capable of controlling the quadrotor with tiltable wing (QTW) throughout the entire flight envelope is proposed, without the need to switch between several mode. The performance of the proposed configuration and controller is demonstrated through a set of numerical simulations on the model of the QTW.
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Key words
quadrotor,energy efficiency
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