Disaster-Resilient Upgrade of Interdependent Networks

2023 13th International Workshop on Resilient Networks Design and Modeling (RNDM)(2023)

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Recent global emergencies have emphasized the importance of reliable communication networks. With increasing dependence on critical infrastructure, it is no longer sufficient to consider single-link or link-pair failures. Instead, networks must be designed to withstand disasters, considering their interdepen-dence with other infrastructures like the power grid. This paper investigates the problem of the disaster resilient upgrade of interdependent networks, focusing on enhancing network resilience during emergencies and ensuring a service-level agreement. In this paper, we analyze how the interdependency between the networks affects the disaster resilience and propose heuristic methods for network operators to improve resilience against disasters. Using simulations with real networks and earthquake data, we demonstrate that limiting the number of interdependent edges per node significantly affects resilience. Additionally, we show that selecting appropriate upgrade methods can reduce network upgrade costs by up to 25%.
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