Perspectives from India: Challenges and Opportunities for Computational Tools to Enhance Confidence in Published Research


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Over the past decade, a crisis of confidence in published scientific findings has catalyzed widespread response from the research community, particularly in the West. These responses have included policy discussions and changes to existing practice as well as computational infrastructure to support and evaluate research. Our work studies Indian researchers' awareness, perceptions, and challenges around research integrity. We explore opportunities for Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered tools to evaluate reproducibility and replicability, centering cultural perspectives. We discuss requirements for such tools, including signals within papers and metadata to be included, and system hybridity (fully-AI vs. collaborative human-AI). We draw upon 19 semi-structured interviews and 72 follow-up surveys with researchers at universities throughout India. Our findings highlight the need for computational tools to contextualize confidence in published research. In particular, researchers prefer approaches that enable human-AI collaboration. Additionally, our findings emphasize the shortcomings of current incentive structures for publication, funding, and promotion.
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