Broadband electromagnetic wave absorption performance of CuS-biomass carbon composites derived from moss

Journal of Alloys and Compounds(2024)

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The absorption performance of broadband electromagnetic waves is of utmost importance in safeguarding diverse electronic equipment against electromagnetic wave pollution, necessitating materials with low density, thin thickness, and cost-effectiveness to be employed. This study presents the successful synthesis of biomassderived carbon (BC) composites via the hydrothermal method, utilizing moss coated with flower-like CuS. The CuS was uniformly dispersed on BC matrix, contribute to dipole polarization relaxation. The formation of heterogeneous interfaces between CuS and the BC phase resulted in significant polarization loss. Additionally, the wrinkled BC and flower like CuS constructed by nanosheets boosted scattering of electromagnetic wave due to its large specific surface area, which can provide additional channels for charge transfer and avail dissipation of electromagnetic wave energy. With an efficient absorption bandwidth (EAB) that encompasses the whole X band, the electromagnetic waves absorption (EMA) performance of CuS/BC composites was able to reach a minimum reflection loss of - 28.8 dB.
Biomass -derived carbon,CuS/BC composites,Electromagnetic absorption
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