Targeted mining of contiguous sequential patterns


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In recent years, sequential pattern mining (SPM) has been applied in many domains, including recommender systems, fraud detection, and other related industries. Target-oriented SPM (TSPM) has been proposed to improve the interpretability of SPM by addressing the issue that too many irrelevant or meaningless sequential patterns are often discovered, which facilitates data analysis. Nevertheless, current TSPM research does not consider contiguity to identify sequential patterns, despite the fact that it is an important feature of sequence data. Contiguity has significant implications in applications such as bioinformatics and network intrusion detection, as it can aid the detection of periodic patterns and anomalous behaviors. Therefore, this paper proposes a novel problem of target-oriented contiguous sequential pattern mining (TCSPM) and introduces two algorithms, called TCSPM and TCSPM+. TCSPM utilizes a compact data structure called sequence chain and relies on a sequence chain pruning strategy to reduce the search space. In addition, TCSPM applies a reverse matching technique to quickly search for targeted contiguous sequences. TCSPM+ is an optimized version of TCSPM that utilizes sequence segmentation operations and a query sequence pruning strategy to further improve performance. Extensive experiments on both real and synthetic datasets demonstrate that TCSPM is an efficient algorithm for discovering targeted contiguous sequential patterns (TCSPs). TCSPM+ substantially enhances the performance of TCSPM in terms of runtime, memory usage, and scalability, outperforming TCSPM by an order of magnitude on some datasets.
Sequence data,Data mining,Target pattern,Contiguous,Sequential pattern
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