An immersed moving boundary for fast discrete particle simulation with complex geometry

Shaotong Fu, Weite Su, Huahai Zhang,Limin Wang

Chemical Engineering Science(2024)

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An immersed moving boundary (IMB) scheme in LBM-DEM is proposed for discrete particle simulation with arbitrarily complex geometry. Momentum exchange between fluid and unresolved particles can be exerted by a modified weighting function with drag force and a new solid operator in IMB, which can describe both particle-fluid interaction and complex geometry, and requires only local information in perspective of solution. Combined with stereolithography (STL) format for describing complex geometry, a GPU-based LBM-DEM-IMB is implemented, and its ability and accuracy for complex geometry from STL model is verified by simulating flow past a stationary sphere. Compared with CFD-DEM in discrete particle simulations of both fluidized bed with immersed tube and aerosol transporting in human nasal, proposed method has much higher efficiency and maintains comparable accuracy in dense and dilute particle-fluid systems with complex geometry, which demonstrates it to be a promising computational strategy for particle-fluid two-phase flows.
Discrete particle simulation,LBM-DEM,Complex geometry,Immersed moving boundary,High performance computing
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