Directional detection of meV dark photons with Dandelion

C. Beaufort,M. Bastero-Gil,A. Catalano, D-S. Erfani-Harami,O. Guillaudin,D. Santos, S. Savorgnano, F. Vezzu

arXiv (Cornell University)(2023)

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This paper presents Dandelion, a new dish antenna experiment searching for dark photons (DPs) with masses around the meV that will start acquiring data by the end of 2023. A spherical mirror acts as a conversion surface between DPs and standard photons that converge to a matrix of 418 Kinetic Inductance Detectors cooled down to 150 mK. A tilt of the mirror at 1 Hz moves the expected signal over the pixels thus enabling a continuous background measurement. The expected signal has two modulations: a spatial modulation providing a directional signature for the unambiguous discovery of a DP, and an intensity modulation allowing the determination of the polarization of the DP. For masses near the meV, the inflationary production of longitudinal and transverse DPs are mutually excluded, thus the polarization determination by Dandelion could shed a new light on the inflation phase of the early universe. A first Dandelion prototype operating for 30 days would improve by more than one order of magnitude the current exclusion limits on DPs at the meV mass scale and would probe this region with an unprecedented discovery potential based on directional detection.
dark photons,directional detection,dandelion
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