A Risk Path Detection Based Trusted Delivery Mechanism in Integrated Satellite and Terrestrial Internet

2023 International Conference on Networking and Network Applications (NaNA)(2023)

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The broad coverage, high bandwidth, and low latency characteristics of low-orbit mega-constellations have inspired extensive research on content delivery in conjunction with low-orbit satellite constellations and the collaboration between cloud service providers. This environment presents a potential opportunity for attackers who may attempt to launch various attacks, such as route hijacking, on satellites along the content delivery path. This paper explores the Risk Path Detection based Trusted Delivery Mechanism(RPD-TDM) to the scenario of content delivery in Integrated Satellite-Terrestrial Internet (ISTI), which enhances the security of delivery scheduling in the content delivery network architecture. It uses risk path detection to drive secure scheduling of edge servers, avoiding risk areas and ensuring the trustworthiness of delivery paths for high-value data. The experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of the mechanism.
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Integrated Satellite and Terrestrial Internet,Trusted Path,Risk Path Detection
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