"Why Should I Review This Paper?" Unifying Semantic, Topic, and Citation Factors for Paper-Reviewer Matching


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As many academic conferences are overwhelmed by a rapidly increasing number of paper submissions, automatically finding appropriate reviewers for each submission becomes a more urgent need than ever. Various factors have been considered by previous attempts on this task to measure the expertise relevance between a paper and a reviewer, including whether the paper is semantically close to, shares topics with, and cites previous papers of the reviewer. However, the majority of previous studies take only one of these factors into account, leading to an incomprehensive evaluation of paper-reviewer relevance. To bridge this gap, in this paper, we propose a unified model for paper-reviewer matching that jointly captures semantic, topic, and citation factors. In the unified model, a contextualized language model backbone is shared by all factors to learn common knowledge, while instruction tuning is introduced to characterize the uniqueness of each factor by producing factor-aware paper embeddings. Experiments on four datasets (one of which is newly contributed by us) across different fields, including machine learning, computer vision, information retrieval, and data mining, consistently validate the effectiveness of our proposed UniPR model in comparison with state-of-the-art paper-reviewer matching methods and scientific pre-trained language models.
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