Interaction in Metaverse: A Survey


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Human-computer interaction (HCI) emerged with the birth of the computer and has been upgraded through decades of development. Metaverse has attracted a lot of interest with its immersive experience, and HCI is the entrance to the Metaverse for people. It is predictable that HCI will determine the immersion of the Metaverse. However, the technologies of HCI in Metaverse are not mature enough. There are many issues that we should address for HCI in the Metaverse. To this end, the purpose of this paper is to provide a systematic literature review on the key technologies and applications of HCI in the Metaverse. This paper is a comprehensive survey of HCI for the Metaverse, focusing on current technology, future directions, and challenges. First, we provide a brief overview of HCI in the Metaverse and their mutually exclusive relationships. Then, we summarize the evolution of HCI and its future characteristics in the Metaverse. Next, we envision and present the key technologies involved in HCI in the Metaverse. We also review recent case studies of HCI in the Metaverse. Finally, we highlight several challenges and future issues in this promising area.
Metaverse,interaction,user interaction,challenges
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