Gradient-based Sampling for Class Imbalanced Semi-supervised Object Detection.


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Current semi-supervised object detection (SSOD) algorithms typically assume class balanced datasets (PASCAL VOC etc.) or slightly class imbalanced datasets (MS-COCO, etc). This assumption can be easily violated since real world datasets can be extremely class imbalanced in nature, thus making the performance of semi-supervised object detectors far from satisfactory. Besides, the research for this problem in SSOD is severely under-explored. To bridge this research gap, we comprehensively study the class imbalance problem for SSOD under more challenging scenarios, thus forming the first experimental setting for class imbalanced SSOD (CI-SSOD). Moreover, we propose a simple yet effective gradient-based sampling framework that tackles the class imbalance problem from the perspective of two types of confirmation biases. To tackle confirmation bias towards majority classes, the gradient-based reweighting and gradient-based thresholding modules leverage the gradients from each class to fully balance the influence of the majority and minority classes. To tackle the confirmation bias from incorrect pseudo labels of minority classes, the class-rebalancing sampling module resamples unlabeled data following the guidance of the gradient-based reweighting module. Experiments on three proposed sub-tasks, namely MS-COCO, MS-COCO → Object365 and LVIS, suggest that our method outperforms current class imbalanced object detectors by clear margins, serving as a baseline for future research in CI-SSOD. Code will be available at
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