Impact of home monitoring program on interstage mortality after the Norwood procedure

Helena Staehler, Thibault Schaeffer, Johanna Wasner, Julia Lemmer, Michel Adam, Melchior Burri, Alfred Hager, Peter Ewert, Juergen Hoerer, Masamichi Ono, Paul Philipp Heinisch


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Objective: While early outcome after the Norwood operation for hypoplastic left heart syndrome has improved, interstage mortality until bidirectional cavopulmonary shunt (BCPS) remains a concern. Our aim was to institute a home monitoring program to (HMP) decrease interstage mortality.Methods: Among 264 patients who survived Norwood procedure and were discharged before BCPS, 80 patients were included in the HMP and compared to the remaining 184 patients regarding interstage mortality. In patients with HMP, events during the interstage period were evaluated.Results: Interstage mortality was 8% (n = 21), and was significantly lower in patients with HMP (2.5%, n = 2), compared to those without (10.3%, n = 19, p = 0.031). Patients with interstage mortality had significantly lower birth weight (p < 0.001) compared to those without. Lower birth weight (p < 0.001), extra corporeal membrane oxygenation support (p = 0.002), and lack of HMP (p = 0.048) were risk factors for interstage mortality. Most frequent event during home monitoring was low saturation (<70%) in 14 patients (18%), followed by infection in 6 (7.5%), stagnated weight gain in 5 (6.3%), hypoxic shock in 3 (3.8%) and arrhythmias in 2 (2.5%). An unexpected readmission was needed in 24 patients (30%). In those patients, age (p = 0.001) and weight at BCPS (p = 0.007) were significantly lower compared to those without readmission, but the survival after BCPS was comparable between the groups.Conclusions: Interstage HMP permits timely intervention and led to an important decrease in interstage mortality. One-third of the patients with home monitoring program needed re-admission and demonstrated the need for earlier stage 2 palliation.
hypoplastic left heart syndrome,Norwood procedure,interstage home monitoring program,bidirectional cavopulmonary shunt,BCPS
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