Joint Task Assignment, Power Allocation and Node Grouping for Cooperative Computing in NOMA-mmWave Mobile Edge Computing.

IEEE Access(2023)

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In this paper, we investigate the cooperation of idle computation resources of nearby mobile devices in mobile edge computing (MEC) systems, in which each mobile device jointly offloads computation tasks to a MEC node and a nearby mobile device by employing non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) in a millimeter-wave (mmWave) heterogeneous network. In this setup, the nearby device acts as a helper by performing local computation and offloading data simultaneously to the MEC system. We formulate an optimization problem for joint taSk assignmenT, poweR allOcation and Node Grouping (STRONG) aiming to minimize the energy consumption of devices (i.e., user and helper devices). To tackle this problem, we present a two-step solution. First, we adopt a low complexity search-based algorithm for both helper and MEC server selection. Next, considering the non-convex nature of the energy minimization problem, we develop algorithms that provide sub-optimal solutions for power allocation to the helper and MEC server, as well as the offloading task ratios between them. Numerical results are provided to validate the effectiveness of our proposed algorithms. The results not only validate the efficiency of our approach but also demonstrate the superiority of our cooperative NOMA-based MEC scenario compared to methods without cooperation and other cooperation-based scenarios.
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Key words
cooperative computing,power allocation,node grouping,joint task assignment,noma-mmwave
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