Achieving Distributed and Privacy-Preserving Cross-Chain Transactions in Account-Model Blockchain Systems.


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Cross-Chain is an emerging technology to enable transaction circulation across different blockchain systems, breaking down transaction isolation among decentralized ecosystems. Existing cross-chain solutions are often constructed based on centralized trusted third parties, which introduce additional threats to users’ identities due to potentially compromised risks on the centralized third parties. To exclude the single-point compromised risk in centralized systems, this paper focuses on a fully decentralized scenario and develops a distributed cross-chain transaction scheme, which enables cross-chain transaction exchanges while ensuring the unlinkability between payees and payers. Specifically, we first propose a cross-chain cryptocurrency exchange scheme by leveraging Ethereum’s smart contracts, which achieves transaction exchanges in decentralized settings. Then, we leverage zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive argument of knowledge (i.e., zk-SNARKs) to explore a privacy-preserving method for cross-chain transactions in account-model blockchain systems, such that the unlinkability between payees and payers and the privacy of cross-chain participants can be guaranteed. Security analysis and experimental evaluations demonstrate that the proposed scheme achieves the security goal at acceptable costs.
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