OOD Aware Supervised Contrastive Learning

2024 IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV)(2023)

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Out-of-Distribution (OOD) detection is a crucial problem for the safe deployment of machine learning models identifying samples that fall outside of the training distribution, i.e. in-distribution data (ID). Most OOD works focus on the classification models trained with Cross Entropy (CE) and attempt to fix its inherent issues. In this work we leverage powerful representation learned with Supervised Contrastive (SupCon) training and propose a holistic approach to learn a classifier robust to OOD data. We extend SupCon loss with two additional contrast terms. The first term pushes auxiliary OOD representations away from ID representations without imposing any constraints on similarities among auxiliary data. The second term pushes OOD features far from the existing class prototypes, while pushing ID representations closer to their corresponding class prototype. When auxiliary OOD data is not available, we propose feature mixing techniques to efficiently generate pseudo-OOD features. Our solution is simple and efficient and acts as a natural extension of the closed-set supervised contrastive representation learning. We compare against different OOD detection methods on the common benchmarks and show state-of-the-art results.
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Algorithms,Machine learning architectures,formulations,and algorithms,Algorithms,Image recognition and understanding
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