Towards an MLOps Architecture for XAI in Industrial Applications

Leonhard Faubel, Thomas Woudsma,Leila Methnani, Amir Ghorbani Ghezeljhemeidan, Fabian Buelow,Klaus Schmid, Willem D. van Driel,Benjamin Kloepper,Andreas Theodorou, Mohsen Nosratinia,Magnus Bång


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Machine learning (ML) has become a popular tool in the industrial sector as it helps to improve operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. However, deploying and managing ML models in production environments can be complex. This is where Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) comes in. MLOps aims to streamline this deployment and management process. One of the remaining MLOps challenges is the need for explanations. These explanations are essential for understanding how ML models reason, which is key to trust and acceptance. Better identification of errors and improved model accuracy are only two resulting advantages. An often neglected fact is that deployed models are bypassed in practice when accuracy and especially explainability do not meet user expectations. We developed a novel MLOps software architecture to address the challenge of integrating explanations and feedback capabilities into the ML development and deployment processes. In the project EXPLAIN, our architecture is implemented in a series of industrial use cases. The proposed MLOps software architecture has several advantages. It provides an efficient way to manage ML models in production environments. Further, it allows for integrating explanations into the development and deployment processes.
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mlops architecture,xai,industrial applications
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