Research on Log Anomaly Detection Based on Sentence-BERT

Caiping Hu, Xuekui Sun,Hua Dai, Hangchuan Zhang, Haiqiang Liu


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Log anomaly detection is crucial for computer systems. By analyzing and processing the logs generated by a system, abnormal events or potential problems in the system can be identified, which is helpful for its stability and reliability. At present, due to the expansion of the scale and complexity of software systems, the amount of log data grows enormously, and traditional detection methods have been unable to detect system anomalies in time. Therefore, it is important to design log anomaly detection methods with high accuracy and strong generalization. In this paper, we propose the log anomaly detection method LogADSBERT, which is based on Sentence-BERT. This method adopts the Sentence-BERT model to extract the semantic behavior characteristics of log events and implements anomaly detection through the bidirectional recurrent neural network, Bi-LSTM. Experiments on the open log data set show that the accuracy of LogADSBERT is better than that of the existing log anomaly detection methods. Moreover, LogADSBERT is robust even under the scenario of new log event injections.
anomaly detection,log,deep learning,Sentence-BERT,semantic feature
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