Sparkles: Unlocking Chats Across Multiple Images for Multimodal Instruction-Following Models


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Large language models exhibit enhanced zero-shot performance on various tasks when fine-tuned with instruction-following data. Multimodal instruction-following models extend these capabilities by integrating both text and images. However, existing models such as MiniGPT-4 face challenges in maintaining dialogue coherence in scenarios involving multiple images. A primary reason is the lack of a specialized dataset for this critical application. To bridge these gaps, we present SparklesChat, a multimodal instruction-following model for open-ended dialogues across multiple images. To support the training, we introduce SparklesDialogue, the first machine-generated dialogue dataset tailored for word-level interleaved multi-image and text interactions. Furthermore, we construct SparklesEval, a GPT-assisted benchmark for quantitatively assessing a model's conversational competence across multiple images and dialogue turns. Our experiments validate the effectiveness of SparklesChat in understanding and reasoning across multiple images and dialogue turns. Specifically, SparklesChat outperformed MiniGPT-4 on established vision-and-language benchmarks, including the BISON binary image selection task and the NLVR2 visual reasoning task. Moreover, SparklesChat scored 8.56 out of 10 on SparklesEval, substantially exceeding MiniGPT-4's score of 3.91 and nearing GPT-4's score of 9.26. Qualitative evaluations further demonstrate SparklesChat's generality in handling real-world applications. All resources will be available at
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multimodal,unlocking chats,multiple images,instruction-following
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