NEXMIF variants are associated with epilepsy with or without intellectual disability.


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OBJECTIVES:Variants in NEXMIF had been reported associated with intellectual disability (ID) without epilepsy or developmental epileptic encephalopathy (DEE). It is unkown whether NEXMIF variants are associated with epilepsy without ID. This study aims to explore the phenotypic spectrum of NEXMIF and the genotype-phenotype correlations. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Trio-based whole-exome sequencing was performed in patients with epilepsy. Previously reported NEXMIF variants were systematically reviewed to analyze the genotype-phenotype correlations. RESULTS:Six variants were identified in seven unrelated cases with epilepsy, including two de novo null variants and four hemizygous missense variants. The two de novo variants were absent in all populations of gnomAD and four hemizygous missense variants were absent in male controls of gnomAD. The two patients with de novo null variants exhibited severe developmental epileptic encephalopathy. While, the patients with hemizygous missense variants had mild focal epilepsy with favorable outcome. Analysis of previously reported cases revealed that males with missense variants presented significantly higher percentage of normal intellectual development and later onset age of seizure than those with null variants, indicating a genotype-phenotype correlation. CONCLUSION:This study suggested that NEXMIF variants were potentially associated with pure epilepsy with or without intellectual disability. The spectrum of epileptic phenotypes ranged from the mild epilepsy to severe developmental epileptic encephalopathy, where the epileptic phenotypes variability are potentially associated with patients' gender and variant type.
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