Exploring Transferability of Multimodal Adversarial Samples for Vision-Language Pre-training Models with Contrastive Learning


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Vision-language pre-training models (VLP) are vulnerable, especially to multimodal adversarial samples, which can be crafted by adding imperceptible perturbations on both original images and texts. However, under the black-box setting, there have been no works to explore the transferability of multimodal adversarial attacks against the VLP models. In this work, we take CLIP as the surrogate model and propose a gradient-based multimodal attack method to generate transferable adversarial samples against the VLP models. By applying the gradient to optimize the adversarial images and adversarial texts simultaneously, our method can better search for and attack the vulnerable images and text information pairs. To improve the transferability of the attack, we utilize contrastive learning including image-text contrastive learning and intra-modal contrastive learning to have a more generalized understanding of the underlying data distribution and mitigate the overfitting of the surrogate model so that the generated multimodal adversarial samples have a higher transferability for VLP models. Extensive experiments validate the effectiveness of the proposed method.
multimodal adversarial samples,transferability,learning,vision-language,pre-training
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