Challenges with Passwordless FIDO2 in an Enterprise Setting: A Usability Study


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Fast Identity Online 2 (FIDO2), a modern authentication protocol, is gaining popularity as a default strong authentication mechanism. It has been recognized as a leading candidate to overcome limitations (e.g., it is phishing resistant) of existing authentication solutions. However, the task of deprecating weak methods such as password-based authentication is not trivial and requires a comprehensive approach. While security, privacy, and end-user usability of FIDO2 have been addressed in both academic and industry literature, the difficulties associated with its integration with production environments, such as solution completeness or edge-case support, have received little attention. In particular, complex environments such as enterprise identity management pose unique challenges for any authentication system. In this paper, we identify challenging enterprise identity lifecycle use cases (e.g., remote workforce and legacy systems) by conducting a usability study, in which 118 professionals shared their perception of challenges to FIDO2 integration from their hands-on field experience. Our analysis of the user study results revealed serious gaps such as account recovery (selected by over 60% of our respondents), and identify priority development areas for the FIDO2 community.
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passwordless fido2,enterprise setting
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